Interview #2 Owner of Fencing Business

Today I’m interviewing Andrew Jones of Horsham Fence Contractors about how he plans to grow his business using online methods.  We had planned to do a video interview, but unfortunately technology let us down, so we’ve resorted to the old-fashioned method of writing!

Andrew has been running his business for about 3 years and is a very proficient fencer. He’s been a popular member of several off-line networking groups for a couple of years and has found that word-of-mouth has been a great help in getting his fencing business going.

But now it’s time to expand and Andrew feels that he needs to advertise his services in order to attain the next level. He has one team fully occupied but would like to add another team and a second vehicle, with all the risk and additional investment that entails. In order to ensure that he keeps all his staff busy, Andrew is planning to promote his business.

After looking at all the alternatives, Horsham Fence Contractors have decided that the best method of promotion is the internet. There is scope to advertise in local magazines and papers, but the results are uncertain and not easy to measure. It’s felt that small village mags may bring the best returns, but although they are fairly cheap, it’s surprising how much they add up when each one has a monthly cost.

So Andrew has started his online campaign by commissioning a website and doing some Google Ads. Although the ads are hit and miss at the moment, it’s felt that they could bring in business and keep him going until the website starts to rank on the search engines.

Andrew has employed a local web designer and SEO expert to help in his efforts. He spent about £1,000 on the website itself (click on the link at the top of the page) and now he’s investing in ongoing SEO.  That in itself is a risk because it’s an inexact science and one has to have faith in the person you employ. Having done a lot of research, this business owner is confident that his expert has the skills to ensure he dgets some results.

But it’s not a fast process. SEO takes time and it’s only been 2 months since the site was first launched. It takes patience to see results and that’s something that not everyone is prepared to understand. However, the website is slowly being recognised since it was well written and adds something to the world wide web. The web designer is Tim, who tells Andrew that the key to having a well-ranked website is to give value. That means the site should be very well written (not by a non-English speaker hired from a dodgy website) and it should contain a lot of useful and relevant information.

This is why Andrew was prepared to spend a lot of money and be patient!  He is following the daily progress of the website and is confident that by doing the right things his site will gradually rise in the rankings of all the major search engines. When that happens, he should start to get business directly from the website.

Although SEO is pricey, it will mean that the company can stop all other forms of advertising and settle down to a monthly retainer.

That’s the plan. And along with the SEO goes a social media campaign that sees the company regularly posting on Facebook and other platforms to keep their profile in front of their potential customers. They have learned how to use Facebook ads to promote themselves too and by combining all these facets of their campaign, they reckon they have a bright future.

I hope so too because Andrew and his team have worked hard on their fencing business and now are putting a lot of effort into their marketing.

Good luck Horsham Fence Contractors!

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