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Hey people, my name is Dan and I am another member of the Busy Hands Yarn team.

You may have already read a post Ben wrote inspiring you to get started. Well, that’s just some inspiration and there is plenty of that over the internet. When Ben finishes his “inspirational” posts, I will take over for a short time to give you some tips and examples that you need to become successful online.

I’ll give you one tip now though… It is to be yourself online.character

Growing your business and connecting to your audience requires a lot of work. Before you start thinking deeply about anything however, you need to understand why you need to be yourself.

Most likely, you are a similar person to your customers who want to reach out to. There is a high chance in you coming from the same background, having the same interests and living/brought up in the same location.

Secondly, who do you think customers would want to speak to more? A highly arrogant marketer who speaks too technically or somebody who speaks the same language that you can understand and can grow that bond with. Related to Ben’s Inspirational Article, he talks a lot about having the correct character and this has a major role in growing your business online and offline.

So… let’s get a little deeper about how this affects online growth. If you take a look at all the market advertising and blogs you see on the web… Yes, you see that a lot of the most successful business use a technique so that they stand out and draw customers in. But others draw users in with a style of unique literature.

Literature must be one of your weapons which everyone has. Looking to grow your local business? Then use literature that you are used to and connect with the audience. People will love to connect with any kind of personal story and get to know who is behind brand’s face.

Therefore, be open minded about who you are trying to become online. Copying somebody else’s techniques will lead you to slip up down the line and force a character that you do not want to become. Take a look at this Being Yourself Article written more generally. It perfectly describes the negative impacts you may face by not being yourself online and see how this would affect your business.

Being yourself will allow you to enjoy your work more leaving no need find motivation.

General Online Business Tips by – Dan


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