Character: The Biggest Front To All Entrepreneurs

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I know what you’re thinking… This is meant to be an inspiration post! But in my eyes, inspiration gives you motivation and motivation shows a good character.

Simply achieving goals can be easy, but what if you want to crush them goals and become something much better. Create a lifestyle that you have dreamt of since a child. Then it takes a lot more thought and my advice is to have a foundation on your character.

Your character – similar to mindset – will be your weapon. If you encounter a situation with a doubt in your mind, then you are going to fail with that doubt dragging you down.

Let’s scrape away the negative. A typical character will find excuses. A typical character will blame others. A typical character will be lazy. A typical character will show no enthusiasm when it comes to working with your fellow employees.

Relating to my previous post, do you think that Frank Cardone was any of these negatives when dealing with situations relating to is business life? No, so this is all you need to build that foundation for a strong business lifestyle.

Its definitely normal to take risks and know that failure can happen… Its life. But battling this with the right character is definitely going to give you a massive chance of succeeding. What do successful people do when they have doubts? They work even harder so that they make sure they do not fail.

If you was given the world’s best business that has the best staff, best ideas and plenty of resources, you could still ruin it by not pushing for it.


My words of advice…

A good character needs a good personality. This is obvious but if you don’t connect with your customers or your staff, things won’t happen.

Your good character is the character of your advertising. As I said in the previous post, you want to connect with your audience. They do not want to be thrown in forcefully or they would not want to be talking to a robot.

Characters want and need things to become successful. I said it and i’ll say it again, your motivation will drive you and be noticed by others.


A writing I always refer to by Chuck Wendig will explain 25 aspects of a great character.


A quotation by a successful actress perfectly describes what I am trying to hit with the dart –

– “Overcome The Notion That You Must Be Regular. It Robs You Of The Chance To Be Extraordinary.”



Inspiration by – Ben


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