Interview #1: Retail Clothing Store Owner

Hi, it’s Jessy

Due to the blog being new, I haven’t managed to arrange an interview early enough yet… Business owners are busy and work hard!

So, I have found a great interview perfect to start with.

This is a retail clothing store business owner called Kamal Chohan. Watch the video below before I start to explain the major factors he talks about in this interview.

I’m going to literally fire out everything important, because I think Kamal has some great perceptions on business and you should follow them too.

The number 1┬áthing he points out is that you need to know your simple economics – This is supply and demand. I know I learn this and other members of the team follow this too. You cannot go into a market without knowing what your customers want, so you need to do the research.

Even with clothing, what do you think affects the demand for Kamal’s situation? Well, firstly he lives in california, so it’s probably going to be hot. So why would you supply thick warm clothes? Got it?

I’ve also got another real time example relating to the internet. Take this from one of Ben’s businesses. He owns a phone repair store in a local town in England. What you can see on the website is that he has numerous pages that cater for many services he has. Not all of them are there, but a lot are. This is to target the people who search for them services online and he knows this because he has done his research of┬áthe demand.

Kamal says he is still learning his customers demand so it’s nothing you can get around quickly. It takes patience and research, and you will grow. Continue reading “Interview #1: Retail Clothing Store Owner”