5 Do’s And Don’ts Advice For Your Twitter Business Page

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One of the many starting places for online businesses is social media. The major social media platforms for businesses are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but not all of you use them correctly.

For now, let’s stick to Twitter. Your Twitter business account debatebly caters for your biggest online representation of your business. For people like me who have been marketing online for years, I can see easily who is doing it right and who isn’t. Trust and interest by your consumers by showing your social media presence correctly is gained by using such platforms.

Some of the most simplest things can make your social media presence stronger… and here are just 10 of my most common guidelines I have followed.

5 Do’s And Don’ts Advice For Your Twitter Business Page…

  1. Twitter Visual Representation

First things first, you need to make an effort in how your twitter page looks. If you already have a strong business profile, then use that. What you need to make sure is that you use the profile image and header image well. Usually, the best idea is to use your company logo as your profile image, but the header image requires a little more thought. With your header image, you need to communicate a powerful message about the business. Relating to Ben’s descriptions, you need to connect to your audience and the header image is the perfect place to do that.

What you don’t want to do is rush your Twitter imagery and get the colour co-ordination completely wrong. By not even uploading a profile image and header you should receive a slap for as you will get nowhere with it. So, make sure that you get it reasonably appealing and consider hiring a designer if needed if you run out of ideas. I struggled with design and always preferred with marketing side of things. Take some time to consider some design principles which professionals adhere by.

2.  Consistency

One of the most obvious things about social media is that you need to be consistent with it. You can’t just share your own post once and retweet a post every now and then. Your customers are going to get bored… Fast! So, this is incredibly important or your social media campaign will fail. If you start to struggle because you have ran out of ideas on what to post, then read on.

What you don’t want to do, and I will explain in more detail in point 5 is that you don’t write up a quick tweet and send it because you are short on time. This will lead to decline and will be generally boring for possible consumers. There are millions of ideas on the internet and I can share a fellow business’ website which you need to respect for the time taken to produce incredible content surrounding window tinting. The company’s business skyrocketed for being consistent with their online campaign. – “Results don’t come easy”.  But if you are out of ideas, this is one article I followed and it sparked some light bulbs for my Twitter campaigns: Content Ideas.

3.  The Understanding Of Hashtags

One of Twitter’s well known features are the use of hashtags. This is one of the perfect ways you can reach out to consumers using Twitter, because if you use it right, the right consumers will come to you. New to Twitter and struggling about what hashtags are? Then take a look at this video which a perfect example of celebrities Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake using hashtags in real world situations.

So, you understand how hashtags are used to basically categories your posts. This is where you need to get a little bit of research done and find out which hashtags you can use to find your perfect consumers. So, don’t just use any hashtag what you think is related to your hashtags. Successful businessman have used hashtags correctly and have brought in thousands of new consumers just by connecting to them using the correct hashtags.

E.g. A very general topic but, I want to sell tickets to a rock concert so I tweet about a famous rock band (targeting people with rock music interests) and include trending hashtags related to the rock band that people are using and searching with.

4.  Tweets With Quotes From Other Tweets

This, along with hashtags is now a strong method to reach out to consumers. Taking in mind that you have already figured out your target audience you want to connect to, you can now get even more connected by quoting people on there comments. Some ordinary people have been shouted out and therefore been connected with thousands of other users just by using a little bit of wit.

So, sticking with the example of trying to sell your rock concert tickets, there becomes an opportunity when a famous band member has tweeted about something random in their lives. It is perfect for you to get in there fast and tweet with something intelligent that people will be interested and retweet/comment, but not be controversial so that your brand image becomes damaged. The more practice you get at this the better you get and the more followers you gain.

5.  Use Common Sense And Take You Time

You most likely do not want to see tweets and comments which are disrespectful, that use capitals letters, have bad grammar or even have something totally irrelevant and was a total waste of time to read. So, do not send tweets because you are short on time and haven’t tweeted in a couple of days so you need to get one out fast. There is more at risk in what you tweet and I have experienced and seen the consequences.

So, my advice is to always take you time. It is important to follow the previous Do’s carefully and be professional in every single tweet. Think before you tweet and there will only be positive outcomes.


Interested in receiving some more about social media advice? Then consider contacting us and we will be happy to give you some advice.

Do’s and Don’ts by – Aidan Dan Smiley Face

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